Tribute to Vali by artist, Patricia Ariel

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The Paint Table by Gemma de Waard

Vali Myers Exhibition: 12 November 2010, Melbourne

Exhibition Opening date confirmed: Friday, November 12th 2010 (Melbourne, Australia)

This long awaited exhibition is going to be held at Outré gallery in Melbourne showcasing new prints, rare prints and original artworks too.  We anticipate having interesting guests from all over the world coming to this gala event.

Prints of Vali’s drawings are currently available for purchase from Outré Gallery.

Vali Myers Films: ACMI November 19th, 7-9pm

Ruth Cullen will present her 2 acclaimed films about Vali Myers – “The Tightrope Dancer” and its sequel “Painted Lady” at a one off special screening at Melbourne’s  ACMI cinema.

“The Tightrope Dancer”  introduced Vali to Australian audiences and caused a sensation on its release.  it was made 5 years after Ruth first met Vali in Manhattan in 1984 and was widely praised for the intimacy in its portrayal.   Tightrope  was followed in 2002 by its sequel “Painted Lady” which followed Vali’s return to Australia.  Vali and Ruth remained close friends for the last 20 years of her life and Vali referred to her  as “my spirit sister”.

“Out of all the films,
The Tightrope Dancer’s the one that really got me”

– Vali Myers

Tickets and Info:
ACMI – Australian Centre for the Moving Image
Federation Square, Melbourne
Ph +61 3 8663 2200

Read about Ruth Cullen’s films:
Please visit Vali Myers in Film.

Upcoming Vali Myers Book Release and Exhibition

Venue: Outré Gallery, November 2010

There is an upcoming book release featuring Vali’s extensive diaries to be published later this year. An exhibition of Vali’s artwork is also planned to coincide with the book launch at Outré Gallery in November, 2010. Further details regarding this long anticipated event coming soon!

(originally posted on in February 2010)

Petition to Save the Valley of Il Porto, Positano
Please read and sign this petition to save the Il Porto Wildlife Oasis where Vali’s home was for many years:

“My dear old friends,

Read my english translation of the Italian petition against the projects which would destroy this beautiful Valley forever. Please find and sign the Italian petition on:

It is one of the last acts of a very difficult battle. Ask your friends to join.

All my love,
Gianni Menichetti, ‘Il Porto’, Positano, Italy.”

(originally posted on in September 2008)

The official Vali Myers website was established in 2004 by the Vali Myers Trust. Read more about Vali Myers life and travels, view her artwork, portraits and personal quotes.

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